Thursday, 1 February 2018

Something New

Traveling around the world, one can get amazed by the little things that can be stuck in your mind forever. Same happened with this trees that were turned into something new, colored, filled with love. Thinking about the beautiful colors and the amount of work that was put into them, makes me appreciate them more and leave them a space in my heart.
Biggest Fear

One vivid color can turn into so many emotions, and just paint a different reality. But when it's covering this magnificent animal, the fear runs my body and I forget all about colors and just feel every second. And each second has its color. Incredible how such a small animal can do so many things
Sometimes a place filled with laughter other time just silence. Sitting there in the silence in a cold autumn day I admired it and suddenly a train took me to childhood and remembered the good time I had as a child, playing it. It made me smile even if I was the only one there. Hope it will make you as well

I'm a photographer based in Transylvania

I’m constantly seeking to define my photography. It’s hard because I like to take a wide range of pictures. Most professional photographers recommend specializing in a specific style, but for me it doesn’t work. I follow my feelings and I capture what inspires me in that exact moment and place.